Baby Suite

1002When your baby is very small we understand both of your needs, and so it is with great care we provide a safe and homely environment in which you can both build a warm and close relationship with your key person. We know this process is essential for you and your baby and enables baby to feel safe and secure with another adult when they are away from home.

Here at Helen Howes we understand you know your child better than anyone and on your first settling in visit will introduce you to your baby’s key person, This will allow you to spend some time getting to know each other and they will invite you to complete a ‘all about me’ form. This form will contain several pieces of essential information that only a parent knows, for example how do they like to sleep, what is their favorite comforter and how can you tell when they are tired. Once completed this form then goes into your baby’s profile compiled by your baby’s key person. This is a living document made from detailed long and short ‘snap shot’ observations, photographs and pieces of your child’s work. Your child’s profile records their learning journey throughout their time in the nursery and are checked by Ofsted on our inspections. You are welcome to review your child’s file at any time and are yours to keep when your child moves up to school.

We know your new baby is your most precious possession and we completely understand that all babies are unique individuals. With this in mind we work closely with you, carefully following baby’s own routines in respect of feeding and sleeping to ensure we meet all of your baby’s needs. Your baby has a cot exclusively for their own use during a nursery day, with freshly laundered linen washed at 60° in hypoallergenic detergent to protect your baby’s delicate skin.

We use only fresh food for your baby and working together with you we provide a fresh nutritionally balanced menu suitable for your baby’s stage of weaning. Your baby’s key person will change them in a fresh and hygienic changing area within the room, making changing time a pleasant experience with a familiar adult in calm familiar surroundings.

Once they establish this relationship they can explore and grow through their sensory experiences and the adult stimulation they share with their key person. As their confidence grows and they become mobile they will experience many things in the setting including paint, sand, water, various types of natural messy play, sensory baskets, light and sound and much more. All of these will expand your baby’s sensory awareness in supporting their development and preparing them for their next steps into the world of being a mobile explorer.