As your child moves up into our pre-school they will have been well prepared along their learning journey to school. In Helen Howes pre-school we have our own full time qualified early years teacher and qualified nursery practitioners to support her. Together this successful team will provide your child with the right opportunities and experiences in preparation for school.

The pre-school room is large and airy with a quiet room off to one side where your child can still have a story or a cuddle when they need a quick rest from their busy day. As your child becomes more confident and interested they are encouraged to write through mark making and their emerging writing is embraced and built upon. Your child will build upon their concentration and listening skills enabling them to enjoy stories and books and begin to tell stories of their own.

Your child will quickly engage in the many games and activities that are always available through free choice and the many varied and creative activities going on in preschool each day. Numbers letters and phonics are made to be exciting and fun and the children measure and count throughout their daily activities.

The outdoor area is a big favorite and especially our mini beast area and bird feeding station. Finding out and exploring the world around them is always exciting and fun. Along with their peers your child will learn how to care for wild creatures insects and birds. Growing vegetables and gathering, cooking and eating them helps children understand the cycle of life and how it works. Sharing together they can see the rewards on the lunch table as they eat them for lunch.

Sand, water, dough, mark making, role-play and the home corner will become among the favorites for your child’s free choice. Baking and other exciting activities change daily as the children’s interests change and unfold leading our practice in a unique and fun way.

Helen Howes Pre School